Sunday, January 10, 2016

Suspension: Miata Modification

First Saturday work day of IAP for the MechE team!  Plenty of new work to do now that we have the new parts.  We're hoping that the Miata suspension geometry provides an adaptable platform and valuable reference for developing our independent Opel suspension.

Colonel CAD Alberto was at it immediately, focusing on generating Solidworks models for the Miata subframe structure, and then the control arms and knuckle.

Alex and Z went to town on battery duty, starting to work with the subframe structure team to design the battery support structure in the rear of the car.  We hope to be integrating the battery mounting CAD into the rear subframe models soon.  

Ryan and Olivia are working on mounting the Miata/Suspension+Motor+Transmission subframe into the Opel frame.  Testing is taking place on the old rear half of the white Opel that we still have in the back room.  

It is still unclear if we will need to cut away the wheelwell/frame in any places in order to allow clearance for the upper control arm in the new independent suspension layout.  The previous design with the straight axle had no problems, but Ryan and Olivia cleared out some space with the angle grinder so that we could take the necessary measurements.

The goal is to get rid of the white Opel shell in the very near future.  The solidworks models are coming together, and we hope to have an integrated subframe prototype sometime next week.

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