Thursday, October 1, 2009

Batteries in Transportation and upcoming events

Today, MIT Energy Club hosted discussion series on Batteries in Transportation. It was very well attended by professionals in the industry, MIT students, from engineering and business school, Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Boston University, Northeastern University and Tufts . The main topics were the history of batteries, the advantages of Lithium-Ion batteries over other battery chemistries, and the limitations of the current generation of Li-Ion batteries, such as energy density and cost. Several potential solutions were proposed.

This discussion will be followed up by a related discussion on the stationary grid storage devices later this year.

We will have a busy weekend attending Lexington Energy Fair on Sunday and Altwheels 2009 on Monday. 56 vehicles of different sizes and applications, including MIT Porsche 914-EV,are expected at Altwheels.