Thursday, August 29, 2013

Activities Midway 2013

This past Friday we took part in the Activities Midway, an event during orientation dedicated to showcase student teams to the incoming freshmen.

We took the Porsche, the eBike and some pocket bikes to the event and had a great turn-out. Lauren made some awesome biz cards that we handed over to all interested freshman and had a signup sheet with about 80 names on it! (God save us if they all actually decide to join!)

John got the Porsche's radio up and running so we could be DJing from the Porsche. Midway through the midway I decided to start playing engine sounds from the car cause I thought it would be funny.

Porsche Charging to get ready for Midway.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Trailer Brakes and Lynch Rebuild

This weekend we focused on two tasks: rebuilding an old lynch motor and machining the parts for the brake mounts.

Rebuilding the lynch was a little tricky but we got it done:

lower magnet plate and armature

then we add the top magnet plate and the brushes

brush cap
test setup, the motor pulls around 2-3 amps at 5V unloaded
The other half of the team worked on mounting brakes on the trailer, one more part needs to be machined and the trailer brakes will be fully mounted.

half of the mounting bracket for the brakes

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Running the Lynch eSuperBike motors again!

This week we ran the motors on eSuperbike with our new brushed Kelly! Nice work done by the EVT newbies Paul, Jack and Pepe! (+EVT oldies Lauren and Rango)

Next step is to get regenerative braking working on this bench test.