Monday, January 24, 2011


For those who have been out of the loop - our apologies, we need a PR department on the team. As guys (and girls) who like to build things, blogging about it isn't that high on the priority list, as the urge for fabrication is quickly satisfied once things get built and then school takes priority over blogging . . . which is constantly on the back-burner.

We've been making advances on the eSuperbike since the summer - in one giant leap the aluminum subframe which holds the motors, controller and batteries is built and the major components are mounted - we are now down to the wiring detail, aerodynamic modifications and finishing touches (though this stuff always takes longer to complete than expected . . .).

Anyways, we have a photo of the initial bench-test setup:

as well as a video of the first motor spin-up at:

Of course, we also have the details of the race, our team and progress all prettied up in our latest sponsor pack here:

Stay tuned as we post progress updates and the first test-drives.