Sunday, April 12, 2015

OpelGT - Engine Removal Time!

We've got a new Opel ready to go, and it's finally time to remove the engine!

The team made sure to take the necessary measurements for the original vehicle ride height and curb weight distribution, and then it was time to finally get rid of every unnecessary component and make room for some batteries!  

We knew it was going to be a big undertaking and not many of us had lifted an engine out of a car before, so we set aside the entire day for getting the job done.  Starting first thing in the morning, it was all hands on deck for the MechE team.  

We had the operation all planned out and prepared through the week leading up to engine removal day.  But with the usual clowns at work, it wasn't long before even draining the fluids led to a big mess...

Just kidding, aside from a couple of minor mishaps, the team worked effectively under the leadership of graduated EVT legend John Kongoletos, who had returned to give us a hand.  With everyone working away, the disconnecting and disassembly process was moving along efficiently.  

Everything was situated under the hood such that it was easier to leave the transmission coupled to the engine, and remove everything from below.  Having the car lift made the job much easier, as we could raise the vehicle and drop everything right out through the bottom...hopefully.  It seemed like a straightforward operation after everything was disconnected from the motor, but some stubborn stripped and corroded bolts holding motor supports in place added some extra challenge and significantly delayed the process.

We finally got the engine and transmission loose and up on the hoist.   It required some careful maneuvering to get everything to slide out, but with Jacob working the hoist, Joey and Jarrod handling the engine, and John adjusting the vehicle on the lift, we finally got it through.  It took nearly six hours to get the engine down and out after some unexpected difficulties, and although it wasn't graceful, we eventually got everything down onto the garage floor.

Taking out the engine was a big first step in prepping the Opel for the new conversion.  There's a lot more work to be done on the new car before we can start adding batteries and the new drivetrain components, but the team is ready and enthusiastic!  More updates to come soon.