Saturday, November 21, 2015

Gloucester Clean Energy Fair 2015, Porsche Appearance!

The 1976 Porsche 914EV recently made an appearance at Gloucester's TownGreen2025 Clean Energy Fair! Read more about the event here.

A handful of team members made the trek out to the event, where we got to display our Porsche as well as the electric ATV alongside the new BMW electric i3!

The Porsche was featured prominently right at the entrance to the Gloucester High School.  As people from the community entered the building to see both exhibits of research projects and vendors for green businesses at the event, we were able to tell them about the Porsche, our current Opel conversion project, and the work we do as a team.

We also had a great opportunity to check out the new BMW models!

The day's events made for an awesome team bonding experience, and it was great to see how well-received our vehicles were at the event.  The newer team members had a chance to learn a lot of info about the Porsche project as well.  We taught them the controls and made time for some driving lessons through the parking lot as we were clearing out!