Saturday, December 28, 2013

2nd Laser Cut Drive Assembly

Happy Holidays and happy new years to everyone!

We have fabricated a new laser-cut prototype with more details. Next up is the waterjetted final assembly.

The structural support for the motor is comprised of three plates which we
named "Base", "Shark Fin", and "Rear Fork".  As shown in the photo, we
laser-cut new plywood prototypes of all three.  The seat is supported with
aluminum angle, which might be the actual pieces that we use in the final
build.  The actual LMC-170 motor had indeed arrived and was relocated
slightly in the new Shark Fin plate, so it is now well clear of any
interference.  The Base plate still needs to be remade to solve U-bolt
alignment and clearance issues.

We have received the LMC-170 motor and intend to install it during IAP.

second laser cut prototype