Monday, January 11, 2016

Suspension: Drivetrain Incorporation

Monday night, and we keep rolling through the week.  The eGear Transmission unit is a bit too wide to fit cleanly through the top of the original Miata subframe, so Ryan and Jarrod worked on cutting it up to provide the necessary clearance.

We needed to remove about an inch from the interior support members on each side.  Ryan is quickly becoming proficient in using the angle grinder.

Big thanks to Dlab, giving us some space to work with all of the necessary safety protection.

The motor and transmission are now bolted together.  The transmission fits down the middle, with the motor temporarily supported on the top surface of the subframe.  We are still considering how to clean up the subframe and how the final structure will look.  For now, it just has the exposed open tube.

Of course we can never leave well enough alone, and Jack, Nate, and Jarrod ended up having a motor+transmission deadlifting contest.  No need for an engine hoist!

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