Monday, January 18, 2016

MechE: Playoff Saturday!

A quick turnaround from the all-nighter on Thursday, and the gang was back where we left off!  We needed to take some ride height and suspension measurements on faculty advisor, Professor Dan Frey's original Opel, so he invited us over to his house to inspect the Opel as well as watch the Pat's Playoff game against the chiefs.  

The squad made it in early to make up for the time, with Ryan getting right to CAD practice on the 2D transmission mounting parts.


Alex and Alberto continued cutting the necessary support members for the rear suspension structure, according to the CAD that we began to finalize on Thursday night.

 Crazy Jake continued cranking away as the team librarian, reading up on some serious suspension research in order to make sure that we would take the correct measurements at Dan's house.

The frame is slowly beginning to take shape, and we're hoping to install the motor/transmission assembly soon.  EVT legend John Kongoletos was back to offer some mentoring to the young welders!

Jarrod continued working through the CAD and relaying the measurements to the weld addition to getting everyone setup and organized with Solidworks EPDM on their personal laptops.  

After lunch, the MechE subteams met with their EE team counterparts to discuss the integrated tasks such as enclosures and throttle setup.  Then we were done for the day, packing it up and heading to Dan's house.

The trip is never complete without checking out Dan's chicken coop and holding the hens!

The young members got a chance to meet Dan and we had a good time taking a break from welding to watch the game.  At least most of us were happy that the Pats won!

 At halftime we made it out to Dan's garage, where he gave us the rundown on all of his vehicles and current car projects....

And Crazy Jake got down to take all of the necessary Opel measurements to take back to the shop.  Overall it was a successful & productive day, and a fun time hanging out with Dan.  Now we just have to finish up the electric Opel for him!  Two more weeks of IAP, let's go!

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