Friday, January 15, 2016

MechE Marathon Thursday is back!

The MechE Team tradition of staying up late on Thursday nights was reinstated yesterday!  With much work to be done, nearly the entire team made it out for the "other 9 to 5" Marathon Thursday work party!

After the weekly team organizational meeting, it was all hands on deck for the MechE crew.  The remaining Miata control arm mounting components of the original subframe were ground down and sanded, with the necessary jigs and fixtures put in place to prepare for welding. 

A combined effort of welding and CAD-ing at the same time brought everything together, and it's looking like the new subframe geometry will fit nicely in the rear of the car! 

Alex and Z were able to design the lower deck for supporting the batteries, and AA was able to weld it all together.

The frame still needs further development and construction, but the dimensions have now been confirmed and everything appears to be aligned correctly.

Saturday's meeting will focus on incorporating and mounting the drivetrain components, and proceeding to attach the entire assembly to the scrap Opel frame.  Still much work to be done, but we're hoping to be starting the installation process on the black Opel next week!

After a long work night, there's nothing better than the routine trip to Beantown right before it closes at 4AM!  

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