Wednesday, January 20, 2016

EE Meeting: Car Startup Sequence

On Tuesday, the EE subteam gathered to discuss the Opel’s startup sequence. We hammered out a specification detailing all the steps between initial turn of the key to Motor Controller enable. The discussion revolved around several themes:
  • In what ways should the Opel’s startup sequence be similar to the startup sequence of a conventional gas-powered car?
  • How robust should each electrical module be to failures in the other modules?
  • In the case of a failure, how much decision-making responsibility should the driver be given? Should the driver be warned with an indicator on the UI? Should the car be allowed to start up if the failure occurs in a nonessential module?
  • Which systems should turn on which other systems? In what order? How do we check that the required systems are functioning correctly?
  • Since the DI’s codebase is already very large, the team expects an increasing probability of bugs as the new startup sequence is coded into the DI state machine. What steps should be taken to combat this?
Startup sequence

Clutch and turnkey
Old DI state transition diagram (to be updated with changes to startup sequence)

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