Friday, July 3, 2009

Wednesday July 1, 2009:
Battery Testing:
I finished testing another 1500 cells or so. That brings our total number of good cells to 2700. At this rate, it will take another 4 days or so to finish testing all of the batteries.

Motorcycle Pack Design:
Mike and I worked on the design of the motorcycle pack some more today. We plan to seal the four modules to keep water and other harmful elements out. In order to cool and vent the cells, we plan to have two barb fittings, one on each side of the enclosure that we will attach hoses to. These hoses will in turn be attached to a central manifold assembly with a high powered blower that will pull air through the pack. We think that by centralizing the point where air is exchanged with the outside, we can better control the airflow and prevent condensation or excess water or particles from passing through the pack and causing a short. We are going to revise our CAD model in the next couple of days and post a picture of the new design when we finish it.

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