Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bryan and Scott's Porsche Work

Over the past few days Bryan and I have been working on the wiring project for the Porsche. The wiring under the car and in the mid-car section was a complete mess, and we worked on cleaning it up to make it look better and make it easier to work with in the future.

Bryan holding a bundle of wires from the middle of the car

To start out, we wired up a terminal box in the front and back of the car that we'll be using to rewire the mess underneath and inside the car.

After we finished wiring up the terminal boxes, we started redoing the wiring inside and under the car. First we pulled out the DC/DC converter and decided to mount it underneath the terminal box in the back of the car. I designed and built a mount for it using sheet metal. I also made room on the mount to attach a relay so that when the car is plugged into an AC outlet, the DC loop is disconnected. The mounting device was also designed so that one cannot easily stick their fingers in any electrical components and get electrocuted.

This is a picture of the wiring on the DC/DC converter.

While I was working on this, Bryan and Dan first had to analyze where each of the wires in the bundle from the DMOC were actually going. After this was documented, they removed the unnecessary bundle and started rewiring.

They are currently working on wiring everything through the terminal box, including regenerative braking and accelerator wires. This will not only make everything look a lot cleaner and more streamlined, but make access easier for future work.

More pictures to come soon!

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