Friday, July 17, 2009

Wednesday July 8th:

Motorcycle Battery Pack:

I spent most of the day revising and finalizing the motorcycle battery module design. Lennon, Mike, and I talked a lot about the design. We could not decide between on how to cool the pack. The two designs that we were playing with were to have barb fittings on each module and have a central air blower to send air through the modules or to have fans on each module. The advantage of having individual fans on each module is the simplicity but the modules would not be water tight. The advantage of the central blower idea is that it is more scalable to the car battery pack in the long term and it allows us to seal the individual modules better.

Thursday July 9th:

Motorcycle Battery Pack:

I made a cardboard mockup of the battery module. Mike and I decided that we are going to use a central blower to push air through the modules.

Friday July 10th:

Motorcycle Battery Boxes:

In the morning, Mike bought more polycarbonate plastic and water jet cut the enclosure for one of the motorcycle battery packs. The modules will be cooled by blowing air through them. Each module has two barb hose fitting, one to blow air in and one to let air out the other side. Here is a picture of the final battery enclosure. The tape along the seams is to make the enclosure water tight. Now that the enclosure is complete, all we have to do is wait for the battery welder to get here and then we will be able to assemble one of the packs and try to fast-charge it.

Mercury Milan Test-Drive:

In the afternoon, the whole team drove over to the Costco parking lot to test drive the Milan. The car was really fun to drive! It drives like a normal car but if you pay close attention, you can notice when the electrical systems kick in. The GPS system and the digital dash are really neat too and they work well.

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