Wednesday, July 22, 2009

News Update

Nick Barber from IDG News Service stopped by last week; below is the video.


  1. You guys are amazing. Tesla makes a high-end car that costs thousands more and you do it with a Mercury. Rock on!

  2. We from India are really happy to have our nano a low cost lovely little transport. So.. for us we want a car that is cheap but can travel a daily distance of say 60 km (with a/c turned on ) / per charge with recharging time of around 6 hours in the night at our homes! Then india may need a million+ of those cars in just 6 cities!

    Back to post.. Cheers for the entire Team of youth who chalange the present limits!

    With warm regards

    Osai Chella..
    "A blend of finest Indian Blogs"

  3. Very interested to read about your project - particularly the rapid charging aspect. I have been wondering - is it feasible to use one battery to charge another with similar internal resistance? Would it be feasible (for home charging) to have one battery trickle charging during the day/night then to rapidly discharge when connected to the vehicle battery (perhaps cells could be coupled in parallel to avoid excessive current down a single path.)

    Aside from cost are there any obstacles to an arrangement like this?

  4. Can't wait to see the end result. A rapid charging system plus car performance equal to or better than a gas version could finally get the masses in breaking the addiction to oil. Of course the final hurdle will be in the vehicle's sticker price.

    I just hope all works out well and that none of the major auto companies pull off a stupid stunt like GM did with the EV1.