Friday, July 10, 2009

Team Update

The team has been preparing for this moment: a 2010 Mercury Milan Hybrid is sitting on our lift, about to be assaulted by all of the tools in our shop. Within three days the most patented car in automotive history will have its hybrid drive system sitting on the floor of our shop in a corner, to be replaced by our 250 horsepower electric bus motor and lithium-iron phosphate battery pack.

With these delays, we have exactly four weeks to finish the mechanical conversion of the car. The new motor cooling system is set up, the 650A controller is tested, the limited slip differential with 7.33:1 gears is ready, the A123 battery pack communications have been resolved and the raw material stock has been ordered. As students, all we have is man-hours to throw at the problem; given the timeline, we’re grateful to our friends at Monster. The details of this intense grind will, of course, be posted for your viewing pleasure.

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