Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday June 10th, 2009

Today the elEVen team focused on safety and writing up the safety guidelines that they will be presenting. The Porsche team continued working towards aligning the transmission.

Eleven Team Member Highlights: Safety and batteries.

Radu sent out a proposed budget to The Edgerton center and the team. He got the full battery shipment and they are now in the N51 lab. He spent the rest of the day setting up for the Edgerton safety presentation.

Kevin has been writing up safety documentation for the motor and motor controller. Additionally, he worked on writing up documentation to safely disassemble the Fusion.

Matt helped move the battery shipment. He also worked on writing up general shop safety guidelines.

Arya worked on writing up the teams daily procedures in preparation for the Edgerton safety presentation.

Mike worked on writing up battery safety guidelines and dealing with the cells. He looked into regulations for safety equipment needed for dealing with certain voltages.

The Porsche team continued working on aligning the transmission. Today, they were able to safely remove the transmission and motor from underneath the car.

Finally got it out.

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