Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A glimpse of Tuesday June 16th, 2009

Highlight of the day: The lift was picked up and is in the process of being assembled. 

  • Kevin has finished  securing the motor for testing. He is now focusing on ordering parts necessary for wiring the motor and the motor controller.

  • Paul is working on a solidworks model for the battery pack geometric design and spatial arrangement.

  • Mike is doing more cell testing at 15 amps. The discharge at pass was rated 4. He will be doing more testing on the bad cells to see what they do. He will be working on a set up to test all the cells and help Paul on the battery pack design

  • Matt went with Arya to pick up the lift. He has also been emailing battery manufacturers in order to get lead acid batteries donated for the charging array.

  • Arya met Gary Bloon and picked up lift from him. He went to hardware stores to get items necessary to assemble the lift.

  • Radu  picked up the components to begin assembling the lift, and began putting it together. 

The team arranged the space in the shop for the lift and began drilling the anchors into the concrete (4” deep, ¾” holes). 


  •  The team had a big meeting after hours for BMS system design, and will be building a smaller battery pack – very similar in configuration for the battery management electronics with what they are doing with the elEVen project – for Lennon’s lead-acid electric bike. This will be a smaller-scale version, and will be a large step in the development for the full-size battery pack.

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