Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Porsche Moved, Motor, Transmission, and Brake issues

Progress has been moving at a fast clip this week so far. Monday we managed to fix the "regen issue". The trouble was that when regenerative braking was turned on, the motor would mysteriously die when you hit the accelerator hard, and you'd have to take your foot off the pedal for a second for it to reset. It turned out to be two current parameters that needed to be dialed down from 400A to 370A.

After that, we moved the car to the N51 lab, where the elEVen will eventually be built, once the Fusion arrives (expected next week). We put the car up on jack stands and took the wheels off so we could start working on the drivetrain issues.

The first issue we're having is that the flywheel seems to be imbalanced or misaligned. The symptoms we're having are major vibrations starting around 2000 rpm and becoming so strong past 3000 rpm that the car is uncomfortable to drive (hence the lack of motor data past 3000 rpm). An additional symptom is that when the motor is spinning slowly, we can hear a rubbing or squeaking sound coming from the transmission that pulses (seeming to indicate it only rubs for part of each revolution). We decided to proceed and drop the motor/transmission assembly out of the car so we can separate them and get them properly aligned.

The second issue is that the rear brakes are rubbing. The left side rubs all the time, while the right side rubs for half a revolution, and spins freely the rest of the way around. We're having Kevin look at it sometime this week since he's worked with brakes before.

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