Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday June 8th, 2009 Update

The shop underwent an atomic clean up. Walls were scrubbed, floors were scrubbed, and tools were organized. No surfaces under 10 ft high was left untouched. In addition, the floor plan was set up to gear up for the arrival of the auto lift (arrival and installation later this week). The shop will be fully setup to house the Fusion in a couple of days. Check out the before and after images.

Before Cleaning

After Cleaning

Other Highlights
Its official. THE FORD FUSION DONATION IS NOW APPROVED. Senior members of the team have been delegated to make the trip to Michigan and drive the car back to MIT. This will be the teams first road trip in the making...
On a more technical note:
  • 100 A123 cells arrived today. Testing of heat rise during 6C charge rate will begin (will be formally written up).
  • Currently working on BMS plan with A123 systems and an independent manufacturer (MetricMind)
  • In the process of drafting plan for Wiring up the motor system, connecting the computer interface, and spinning the motor.

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