Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday June 12th, 2009

The elEVen team had a meeting with Bill Dube from Killa cycle. Bill Dube builds a123 drag bikes and has extensive EV experience. 

Radu Talked to Bill Dube from killa cycle and gave advice on general EV design. It was an informative meeting, and they received two weeks worth of worth of research in one hr from Bill Dube.

Kevin is currently working on mounting the motor to a sturdy table in order to test it.

Matt discussed plans with Bill Dube and the rest of the team. He began solid modeling a coupler for drive train and finished specing out drive train components. The team will be using a ford 9 differential for the drive train. 

Mike was also present for the talk with Bill Dube. Mike received a lot of information about battery packs, charging, transmission, and the motor. He has begun working on testing voltage on the cells. He has tested about 30 cells out of a total 10,400 that we received.

Arya focused on getting information about insuring the Fusion and contacting people at insurance offices. He is also working on setting down a timeline for the project.

The Porsche team is still working on the transmission.

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