Sunday, October 27, 2013

EV Party (featuring a Model S)

This weekend we had some guests that came to check out the team! Scott and co. came over to EVT and we had an EV party in the alley. Lots of cool vehicles that got riden including: chibikart, chiquicycle, jamcycle, luis-vespa the Porsche and a Tesla Model S!

scott and alex with jamcycle and luis-vespa

the model S in all its glory!


Charles and Chibi got outgassed by the model S

Kurt driving with Style

Scott on Chiqui-cycle

Scott and the team after he broke chibikart

the FSAE kids pleading kurt for a ride

Scott fixing chibi

the Porsche (beautiful as always) 
shot of the two e-cars

alex pretending to know how to drive

alex on jamcycle 

obligatory group pic

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