Sunday, February 3, 2013

Connector Meltdown

We were out testing the eBike today and while starting up we saw some smoke! Immediately we cut power to the bike and stopped. This is what happened:

The connectors melted and shorted each other terribly (thus the smoking), interestingly when the power was off and we were pushing the bike forward we saw some crazy vibrations from the front wheel, this was due to the back EMF of the shorted motor.

The connector failed terribly, these are supposed to withstand 50A but they obviously do not live to the challenge. I phoned the company and they said they had seen this before and blamed it on the connectors that come from the manufacturer, they suggested we switch them with better connectors (which we did). The motor seemed that it undergone no severe damage, we spun it back up and it ran smoothly as before.

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