Monday, June 21, 2010

Troubleshooting the elEVen Motor Controller

About two weeks ago we tried to communicate with the elEVen motor controller but couldn't get a response forcing us to remove the motor controller from the car to figure out what was wrong.

We laid out the motor controller and all the components it interfaced with on a table in our workspace, first troubleshooting the electronics external to the motor controller. After not finding any problems in electronics outside the motor controller we suspected something was wrong inside.

We went through several troubleshooting procedures outlined in the motor controller manual but still couldn't get it to work. Fortunately for us, the engineers who designed the motor controller were helping us along the way. We thought we had narrowed down the problem to a electronics card inside in the controller that provided the controller with power. After inspecting the card and not finding anything wrong with it we've decided to drive to Maryland to get help from the engineers who designed the controller. Updates on our trip to Maryland coming soon.

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