Monday, June 28, 2010

Trip to Maryland

This past weekend Adrian, Erick, and I took a trip to Maryland to pay Satcon a visit.

At the beginning of the summer we blew out a fuse and damaged a few components on our motor controller. We were powering it with a 12v charger instead of a regulated 12v power supply and had inadvertently given it 20 v.

We gave the guys at Satcon a call and they told us to bring it down. After an hour of probing they were able to narrow the problem down to the relay card. Apparently a diode blew and started shorting everything out. Satcon guys found another relay card in storage, robbed a few components, and then put everything back together for us. We crossed our fingers and turned it on. Luckily for us the laptop was finally able to communicate with the controller.

Let's hope it still works.

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  1. Special thanks to Steve and McCoy! They're the engineers from RCT Systems (formerly part of SatCon) who helped us fix the controller.