Saturday, May 16, 2009

Somerville Green Living Fest

Saturday we took the car to the Somerville Green Living Fest.

There were a bunch of other 'green' vehicles there, including a biodiesel car and a school bus/RV converted to run on grease. A guy from Herb Chambers BMW was there with a diesel and Prius, and suggested we talk to Herb about helping the team, since he owns a Porsche dealership.

Right about closing time, it got cold and windy so we packed up in a hurry in case it started to rain. We had some issues with the transmission (and possibly other things) on the drive home. Each time we started out from a stop the car seemed to behave differently, sometimes it would have nice pickup and other times it would be really sluggish, as if it was still in second. At on
e point, we were driving like 35 in "first" gear, which seems totally unlikely given the motor is limited at 3000 RPM right now.  Unfortunately the laptop's battery was dead so we didn't get any data to figure out if it was purely a transmission issue, or if the DMOC was throwing a hissy fit, that shouldn't be a problem in the future, once the data logging is built into the cRIO.

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