Sunday, August 2, 2015

Albany Trip II: Camping

Saturday, Aug 2, 2014
Camping: Savoy Mountain State Forest
Florida, MA
As we reached the address of the campground, we realized that Jake’s work wasn’t quite done. A couple more miles needed to be traveled uphill on a dirt road leading into the camp site.  We hadn’t accounted on it, but Jacob made it up without any problems.

After checking in, we got the trike parked and covered at the campsite, and set up the tents for the night.  Roberto proved his stories of living in El Salvador, and showed everyone that he really could open up a coconut with a machete…

Fortunately there was still plenty of time to chill with the gang and hangout before nightfall.  The state park with the mountains and lake provided a great venue for spending a night away from the city.  We all went swimming, played football, and fishing with Alban.

We moved the bench seats out of the van and around the fire, with Eagle Scout Johnny keeping everything running smoothly around the camp fire.  With everyone focusing on the trike, we didn’t have many opportunities to just hang out earlier in the summer, and the camping turned out to be a great team bonding experience.

We cooked hot dogs and marshmallows, and then went for a midnight hike through the woods.

Everyone managed to survive the night, with Alban sleeping in his truck, John under his mosquito net, Jarrod and Joey sleeping in the van, and everyone else content to sleep in the tents.  

Except for Alvaro, who was deathly afraid of a bear finding him during the night, and slept curled up in the bed of the truck…

Then we were up and at it in the morning, with mountain man Alban cooking the bacon and oatmeal over the fire as we cleaned up the camp site.  

We prepped the trike for the voyage, and gave it another good inspection before taking it on the road.

After a few team pictures, we talked through the plans for the day, Jarrod gave a quick pep talk, and we were back on the road!  Only 50 miles away from Albany, we had high hopes of closing out our goals from the past two years!

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