Monday, March 17, 2014

Porsche: Title and Registration

Since my Finance Theory class was cancelled today, I went to the RMV (Registry of Motor Vehicles) in Chinatown and took care of getting the title and registration for the Porsche. I walking into the RMV at 1:30, and walked out at 5:20. If anyone wants to find a good place for a coffee shop, it is right next to the RMV. Compared to being at MIT, the boredom of sitting at the RMV waiting for hours to be called was excruciating. Alternatively, a recumbent bike attached to a small generator might do wonders for giving folks an outlet and giving kids and antsy college kids something to do.

As always, a smile can go a long way, and I walked out of the RMV with two EV plates in my backpack, and a copy of the interim title/registration. The catch was simply that I had to have to vehicle inspected within 7 days time. No pressure of course.

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