Sunday, January 19, 2014

IAP Week 2 - Lots of building!

IAP Week 2 is over and we are on schedule to be able to make a maiden crawl by next Saturday. This week lots of milling, turning, broaching, drilling, deburring, crimping, tapping, brushing, sanding occurred and we are very proud with the results!

waterjetting the alumnium (thanks Javi!)

Broaching the key on the sprocket
sprocket has been keyed!
fitting the bulkhead connectors

looks like the parts fit! time to sand and clean them!
yay! motor fits!
eric and joey making connectors
data connector layout

getting ready to rivet the angle stock to the waterjet plate
erich lining up both pieces carefully
the riveting art of riveting
notice our temporary acrylic sprocket (steel coming soon)

ready to assemble! 
putting in the new stays

looking pretty thus far! (notice the sexy bulkhead connector)
getting the motor in place!
"fully" assembled!! shorter u-bolts and steel sprocket coming soon!


starboard side of the trike

rear of the trike!
everyone tweaking the mounts

a video of the motor turning! (tension needs to be adjusted)

jacob on the trike!

woohoo the brake firmware/motor control works! thanks EE team!

in order to get familiar with HSMworks on the EZ track Jacob and Roberto machined a piece of abs with same features that are going to be machined on the steel sprocket this coming week (thanks to Andrew Carlson for the help!)

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