Thursday, August 20, 2009

Quick Fabrication Update

We've got the new high voltage wiring routed in the car, the battery mounting enclosure is almost completed and Mike is tweaking the chain drive unit. There's no design work left at this point: the path to the finish line is clear, with a rush to finish the final assembly.

Sprockets and chain guard are in place, with Mike grinding a small channel to make room for the motor encoder wire.

Kevin, finishing the enclosure for the trunk-mounted battery pack.

The orange high-voltage (356 Volts) shielded battery cable runs from the rear to the front of the car, from the battery pack to the motor controller.

Arya has been working on getting the hood latch assembly back in place - it had to get cut off to make room for the motor controller enclosure (the clear plastic box to the right of the engine bay with the orange cables running into it).

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